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Emergency Plan for bad days: 1 week, 8 days

1. Stop ruminating.

The ruminants chew in order to survive. They swallow now to chew after, away from the predators. We often listen now, so that far from the predators (or those who infringe “ruminances”) we continue to chew on something that isn’t worth it. It really doesn’t justify the effort neither for them nor for us, since we will never find a solution by doing so.

Air out your thoughts. Let them flow moving out of the “ruminance” circle.

2. Breath and Gasp.

The people from yoga and meditations know this well. Not to mention babies. Breathing is so basic that we forget. It’s part of the many unconscious and involuntary movements of our body and sometimes it’s all it takes. Going back to our most simple and natural features. Once and then another time until we fool our body and, consequently, our mind whispering to it “Why such a fuss… Let’s get a grip and take one step at a time. Inhaaaaaaaaale, exhaaaaaaaaale… inhaaaaaaaale,exhaaaaaaaaale…”

3. Talk to someone who is Sun.

“How strange, minutes ago I was feeling so down and after I talked to Miss Gustavinha from the florist I feel like another person…” Either that aerobics trainer or your front neighbor, your older brother, your aunt Deolinda or a co-worker. There are Sun people. End of story. People who make us feel better just by being near them. Even if you like rain or cold weather, what you need is Sun people.

4. Write fast…

… and quickly 3 things you are grateful for, really, really grateful. There are a few little-big-things that we take as granted or, because we’re distracted, we don’t see them. To stop and do this simple exercise will attract more. It will attract the way we see what surrounds us, to pacify about all the others we have and, if we really want to, look for more and better. It should nevertheless be understood that this is for your inner well-being.

5. Text your slipper friend.

Or e-mails or messages in a bottle. Whatever. Slipper friends, as you know, are recommended by the World Health Organization. At least the one from this side. They are friends who we can text at 2:00 in the morning telling them we didn’t like the one we went out for dinner with. Or those friends with whom we share a book, an apple or a medical appointment. Or even those friends who we tell that we haven’t waxed for two months and with whom we cry just because. They are slippers for their comfort and coziness. There are days we need slipper friends.

6. Eat something ridiculously healthy.

Yes, yes the chocolate bar you have at home is almost finishing, the weekend cake was only for the weekend, it only made it till Sunday evening. Doing the opposite, this is, to eat a good, delicious and ridiculously healthy meal, is such a genuine way of taking care of ourselves and taking a step forward. Our step, a step in our life. It’s to pamper and to get back on track after some deviations.

7. Cause laughter.

Laughter, unlike breathing, is not that involuntary. In fact, during these days it looks as if it has taken a sabbatical leave to one of those countries we’re not quite sure whether they will have a landing airport when we get there. There are studies that show us that by laughing we release a number of chemical substances that unleash another number of internal reactions and make us react. It is also true that there are moments and cycles that hardly take us from the stagnation we are in. it is also true that when we are able to take the first step, it’s a free-for-all. All low blows count: movies, pranks, foolishness… Something that will help you on your way up.

8. Ask for a hug

When children need some attention, a kiss, a caress, a simple and tender hug, they do everything until they get it. If the hug stock is empty, ask for a hug, because the rest will come… it will come.

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