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The Brazilian trainers Marco Lui, Rodrigo Ruiz and Chico Salgado created exercise plans for those who don’t have much time to work on the physical component.
Here are the several ideas that they suggest:


Only have 15 minutes?


(Warm up: 1 minute jumping rope or 1 minute of jumping jacks – jumps without leaving the spot, opening and closing your legs, while doing the same with your arms – up and down)

Beginner: going up 10 to 20 steps pausing 1 minute after descending
Intermediate: going up 15 to 30 steps pausing 30 seconds after descending
Advanced: going up 10 to 30 steps (2 in 2 steps at once) pausing 20 seconds after descending

+20 crunches after each descent



Beginner: 3 series of 15 partial squats pausing 1 minute
Intermediate: 4 series of 20 complete squats pausing 40 seconds
Advanced: 5 series of 15 squats with jump pausing 30 seconds.


Only have 20 minutes?

Walk or run

Beginner: fast walk outside, or on conveyor belt, considering 3 minutes plane and 2 minutes with 30 degrees of inclination
Intermediate: 5 minutes at a comforatble speed and the rest of the time varying speed between 1 minute faster and 1 minute slower.
Advanced: 5 minutes at a comfortable speed and the rest of the time at a constant fast speed


Muay Thai – punch workout, with kicks and air punches or on a speedball or sand punching bag

5 minutes running at medium speed or rope jumping
5 series of 10 squats + 10 steps forward
5 rounds of muay thai punches on a boxing bag, considering 2 minutes of movement with 30 seconds of rest each


Only have 30 minutes?

At the gym:
Beginner: 5 minutes of elliptical trainer, 15x bench press, 15x leg press + 15x horizontal row + 15x leg workout sitting + 15 crunches
Do 3 series of each, with 1 minute break in between.
Intermediate: 10 minutes at moderate speed on the elliptical trainer + 10x bench press + 10x vertical row + 10x leg press + 10x leg workout lying
Do 4 or 5 series of each exercise with 1 minute break in between.


Functional Circuit Fighting

5 series without breaks or up to 30 minutes of:
20 squats with jumps
20 pushups
20 crunches with pedaling movement
1 minute of Muay Thai shadow (punch workout with kicks and air punches or on a sand punching bag).



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