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Reading doesn’t make you feel sleepy. It makes you dream.

“Big Little Lies”, Liane Moriarty


For those who have insomnia or suffer from sleeping disorder, to read before you go to sleep may be the best drug. Besides, studies prove that reading slows down ageing and mental disorganization, decreasing the possibility of suffering from mental diseases, like Alzheimer.

And, since prevention is better than cure (reading never harmed anyone!), put the prejudices aside and read, even if it’s just a little bit, every day, preferably before going to sleep.

The offer is wide and varied, but we took the liberty to choose for you. If you still haven’t heard of the Australian writer Liane Moriarty, this is the perfect timing!

After the success of “My Husband’s Secret” (2 million copies sold in the whole world), Liane is back with a new novel: “Big Little Lies”.

The book tells the story of three women: Madeline is strong, decided, she lives according to a family wedding and drama; Celeste is thin, rich, beautiful, mother of twins and her marriage seems too perfect to be true; and Jane, a young single mother who just moved to the small town of Pirriwee. An accident will bond these women in an apparently indestructible friendship, at least until the party night. After that nothing will be as it was. The versions of the incident multiply, but the fact is there was a death. How did it happen? Who saw it? Who died? These are the questions to which you will find answers in this addictive, intelligent and good-natured book, with insightful remarks about the human nature.

The argument of the book will be adapted to cinema and it will count on the performance of Nicole Kidman and Reese Whiterspoon.


Until then, read the book and take care of your mind!

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