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Either the bikini or the swimsuit is a good option. There is no wrong or right. It all depends on a good choice of the model and on whether you feel good with yourself.

While bikinis have never gone out of style, swimsuits have practically vanished in the last years. You could only see them being used in gyms or by grannies. However, this scenery is changing. Swimsuits are back with full power, especially impulse by the vintage culture trend.

Never forget that it’s always a good idea to preserve your elegance. The swimsuit is, obviously, a more discreet option than the bikini. Nevertheless, both should be complemented by beach outgoings, like pareos, tunics, palazzo pants, etc.


Ideal to use in the beach or in the countryside. It makes tanning easier and with less marcs. There are models that favor almost all body types. Since they expose more the body, they demand a greater deal of self-confidence and common sense.


Ideal for pools, spas and health clubs, it doesn’t allow you to tan your belly. There are models that favor almost all body types. More discreet, they allow to hide parts of the body you don’t want to expose.

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