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Reiki or Shiatsu?


In such a fast paced world, it is increasingly important have a pause and pay some attention to ourselves.

When those small signs that the body presents, like back-ache, anxiety, stress, head-ache are neglected, they can end up bringing more serious problems.

In this case, alternative therapies can be an excellent option. If you still don’t know what to choose, we suggest two, each one of them with a specific technique for different treatments.


It is a physical rebalancing and energetic oriental therapy; it acts through pressure, generally accomplished with the thumbs and applied in different and specific areas of the body. It is admittedly effective in back, stress, insomnia, depression and other treatments.



(Rei= Universal, Ki= energy) is a complementary therapy that doesn’t exclude other therapies. It is accomplished through a gentle touch or with a short distance from the patient’s body for the transmission of the “Universal Energy” (Reiki) to the parts of the body where the person needs treatment.

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